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10 ways to amaze with your branded app

10 ways to amaze with your branded app

10 ways to amaze with your branded app

By giving your customers a dedicated and branded app to order and pay from, anywhere at any time, your business small or large, can reap big benefits. A mobile payment revolution is happening right now – and it’s the solution to the age-old (and tiresome) problem of queuing.

1. Perfect – whoever you are 
The possibilities are endless. Mobile payment is ideal in sport stadiums, theatres, music venues, bars, pubs, clubs, coffee shops, sandwich bars and anywhere similar, or in-between.

2. Thrill customers 
From sports stadiums to boutique cafes, making customers spend time in a queue can wholeheartedly ruin their experience – and quash your precious turnover. Mobile payment will help your customers beat the queues with trouble-free upfront ordering and transaction. It’s easy. They simply order online and collect on arrival. Customers can order from the train, from home, from the stadium or theatre seat – wherever and whenever. And with cashless payment and options for creating one-tap ‘regular orders’, the whole process can be completed in a matter of minutes.

3. Profits will soar with cross and up-sell 
When ordering is this easy, people actually tend to buy more. With cashless transactions and opportunities for cross and up-selling, average transaction values have shown to grow by up to 108%. Need a muffin or a newspaper with your coffee madam? Not a problem.

4. Bye bye silos & hello wow factor 
More than just an app, mobile payment can eliminate silos by connecting with almost any EPOS and customer management system – so no IT bothers either. Mobile payment providers can also support you with additional marketing, integration and set-up support – to wow both customers and internal teams alike.

5. Getting to know you 
Mobile payment will help you find out more about your customers, for example, what they buy and when. You can then say ‘thanks’ with personalised loyalty schemes, tailored vouchers and offers – pushed out to their phones.

6. Marketing merits 
Mobile payment allows you to interact with customers in real-time, inside and outside your venue – a marketer’s dream! Also see customers’ order history and trends, as well as real-time feedback. The marketing possibilities are endless.

7. Brand away 
Mobile payment interfaces allow you to add your own logo and customise your colours to make the app look like your own. Connect directly with customers in this way and reinforce your brand in their minds.

8. It only takes a minute… 
You will be able to add your menu or drinks list and get up-and-running in minutes. Once live you can manage menu options, prices and any offers in real-time.

9. So long losses 
Since you will be able to see orders in advance and allow customers to pay online, you no longer have to worry about losses from stock wastage or cash shrinkage.

10. It’s just the beginning 
Food and drink is just the start; from buying merchandise, to having food delivered, to paying for heated seats – whatever you want to offer can be shown, and ordered from one screen.

Based on innovative technology and deep industry expertise, Preoday has created a platform that is bringing a mobile payment revolution to the food and drink service industry.

Beat your competitors. Be one of the first off the mark to sign up.

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