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Get your hands on Preoday’s 2020 predictions…

Get your hands on Preoday’s 2020 predictions…

Everyone’s taking bets on what the big trends and 2020 predictions will be. Read our latest report to find out which ones we have picked out.

Get your hands on Preoday’s 2020 predictions…

The turn of the year is a good opportunity to look both backwards and forwards at the industry. We’re quite pleased with how our 2019 predictions have evolved through the year. For example, we are seeing a growing focus on nutrition and health, which will evolve further, focusing on the supply chain, as well as what’s in food.

At the beginning of 2019, we talked about growing loyalty through hyper-personalisation and the value of giving consumers choice rather than trying to control them. Excellent customer service is always important and with Millennials starting families and heading up household accounts, it becomes more important than ever to offer a personalised service. In our 2020 predictions, we’re looking at how data, both internal and external, can help with this.

We’re also looking at how other technologies can help improve customer service further, as well as delivery, which is fundamentally changing the game for restaurants. Emerging technologies are becoming more established and operators are learning how to use them to enhance their businesses. Brexit notwithstanding, 2020 should be an exciting year for operators who want to use technology to grow.

Read our report to find out which trends we anticipate will be most significant next year, and feel free to check them against our 2019 trends to see how accurate our past predictions were.

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