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How to enjoy the airport experience

How to enjoy the airport experience

How to enjoy the airport experience

Airports! They have such romance to them. The airport experience represents the crossroads of the world, with roads that stretch out across the globe. The pilots and stewards, all sharply dressed in a way that throws the mind back to the early glory days of the aeroplane, a time when, for the first time, world travel was possible without endless days and weeks at sea. They are cultural intersections where people from different walks of life, from different cultures and for different reasons pass each other by for a moment.

Airports! For all the romanticism, they can be such infuriating places. Lost in a flood of people trying to get to the right gate at the end of a corridor that feels as long as the flight itself, caught in the bureaucracy of the modern-world. When does a person get the time to eat? Where do they get their food? And will they be able to get it and eat it before they need to be at their gate? Will they have to settle for a “grab and go” sandwich eaten on the fly while half running to the gate?

The airport experience, it seems, raises mixed feelings. And while a lot of what makes them annoying is difficult or even impossible to change – others can definitely can be improved. The food, drink and shopping for example.

If a person has a long layover times the problems might not be so great. Travellers will have the time they need to seek out a restaurant, order, eat and pay. There might even be time for browsing the the shops for tax-free goodies. However many airlines are trying to shrink the layover times at airports to hasten the flow of traffic and squeeze in more passengers. The downside is that with maybe just forty minutes, as opposed to a couple of hours, between flights, the visitor experience can suffer.

To counter this, airports are looking towards technology and specifically mobile ordering. In the past, expensive data roaming charges might have made it tough but now, with roaming charges abolished within the European Union, smartphones are providing new possibilities for restaurants, airports and passengers.

Imagine, turning up at Heathrow or LAX and having your food ready and waiting for you to collect. No queuing or time wasted browsing between outlets. Just browse menus through the airport’s mobile app in advance, place an order and go. Ready for lift off.

It truly is a brave new world out there: interconnected, accessible and comfortable. With the smartphone we have the entire world in our pocket. There are few places where this is as obvious – or will be as obvious – as at the airport. In the near future your will be able to buy a ticket, book a parking spot, order food and tax-free goods all at the touch of a button. And when you reach your destination you can use it to order a cab and to inform your loved ones of your safe arrival. One device – one world.

The technology to make the airport experience amazing is already there. And you know who could help airports realise this vision of the future? Preoday. Our white label technology is fully integratable with your existing site and/or app. Contact us to find out more.

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