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Your App vs. Just Eat: 5 Ways It Will Change Customer Habits

Your App vs. Just Eat: 5 Ways It Will Change Customer Habits

Your App vs. Just Eat: 5 Ways It Will Change Customer Habits

Consumers are creatures of habit, which often ends up in the restaurant’s favour. But through takeaway portals like Just Eat many customers fall into bad habits and it’s usually the takeaway that picks up the bill. Here are just 5 ways how moving to use your own independent app nudges customer habits in the right direction.

1. More Loyalty, Less Discovery

With portals like Just Eat it’s hard not to become “Just Another Takeaway” where your reputation is judged primarily by location and cuisine type (and then how much you pay to be at the top of the list).  With your own app you can focus on the more important reasons for a customer to order with you: your food, your service, your brand.

2. Get Used to Saving Money

Due to Just Eat’s high commission fees many takeaways have had to raise their prices to keep their head above water. But with a commission-free app we often find takeaways can afford to offer their users app-exclusive discounts and reduced prices.

3. Get Rewarded for Ordering

Customer analytics makes it easier than ever to visualise consumer behaviour. This knowledge allows you to make bespoke offers to your most valued customers, as a little thank you for their custom.

4. Problems are Solved Quicker

There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than a missing order, and having to call up a third-party customer service like Just Eat only makes it harder. That’s why your app puts you in direct contact with your customers meaning you can resolve it for them as quickly as possible.

5. Total Flexibility

When using your app, customers won’t feel restricted by their address.  As the takeaway owner you have the final say in accepting or rejecting every order.  So even if a customer is technically outside of your delivery zone, if the order is big enough or the customer regular enough you’ll be able to make an exception.

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