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The importance of apps for disability

The importance of apps for disability

The importance of apps for disability

In 2011 Vodafone launched the Smart Accessibility Awards, which focused on apps that aided disabled users.  After such a great response in just two years it has expanded to the ‘Mobile for Good Europe Awards’ offering a shared prize fund of €200,000.

And honestly this attention hasn’t come a minute too soon.  The disabled community has long been left out of the app movement.  Simple adjustments were neglected, for example a tube map for the colour-blind has only been created in November 2013.  Meanwhile, the apps that specialise for disabled users were slightly less than ‘accessible’ with their prices.  For example one of the most popular and oldest handicapped-support apps is Proloquo2go, which helps users that have trouble speaking, and sells for a tidy sum of £149.99.

While the latter expense will remain necessary for more specialised requirements, the neglect in creating a colour-blind tube map until recently is simple negligence.  But it is also hinting at things to come: that regularly used apps can be easily made more accessible for handicapped users.  This is where Preoday comes in.  We have already had interest from Level Playing Field about the benefit Preoday can have in stadiums for disabled users by ordering and having their orders all made on their phone – this is only one instance. Since Preoday is based upon a deep platform it can integrate for any type of venue and scenario.  This means our app can be adjusted to help disabled users alike with issues as diverse as visibility to accessibility.

Most of all it is simple and it is free.  It’s not a minutely specialised app crafted for the handicapped community, nor one charging for its convenience.  It is merely a light and simple mobile pre-order app that could make a huge difference for many different kinds of people.

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