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Why mobile ordering is great for festivals

Why mobile ordering is great for festivals

Why mobile ordering is great for festivals

Music festivals are the thorn in every technophile’s side.  Each summer, there is a large concentration of people, many with smartphones, who gather in fields for a few days all over the country.  It should be an app promoter’s dream, but to-date, mobile ordering is no-where to be seen. Why not!?


Due to the general remoteness of these festivals, and just sheer mass of people, it’s previously been almost impossible to get internet connection for mobile ordering.  This means that despite many potential consumers, the biggest progress made so far in the iphone-festival department is the Zippo app for a modern ‘Candle in the Wind’ tribute, or a Swiss Army App for a fancy torch.

However in 2013, Glastonbury was the first festival to instigate 4G connection.  Though this was in the form of a tractor driving round the site, and tweeting what location it was (which begs the question of how one will have internet to find out where they can get internet)- it symbolises a big step ahead for smartphone interface- and boy will Preoday come in handy for mobile ordering.

Firstly the second-most dreaded problem of festivals (after mud) will be a thing of the past- I’m talking about cash transactions.  Since a miniscule number of festival bars accept card, the two options festival goers have is to

a) Withdraw a large amount of cash and ration it for the whole festival, which is both a nuisance and a huge liability

b) Stand in the massive queues for the ATM machines that then charge an extortionate withdrawal fee.

But as soon as Wi-fi is available, fans could now download the festival’s app for their phones and not only find the nearest bar, but use mobile ordering to select, and pay for their drinks before even reaching it!  This means that fans won’t have to ever have the dilemma of missing the show while buying a drink. Because you can now collect your pre-paid pints in minutes: giving you more than enough time to worm your way to the heart of the crowd.

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