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Skip the queue and transform theme parks

Skip the queue and transform theme parks

Skip the queue and transform theme parks

For an experience with such quick thrills, theme parks rely heavily upon patience.  In a whole day spent at the park, thrill-seekers will have only enjoyed on average nine rides.  This is because with every minute of sudden dips and breathless corkscrews, there is around 30 minutes of queuing.

You put this time limit on customers lining up for a movie, or a restaurant and they wouldn’t be staying much longer.  However this is the price patrons have to pay for enjoying Colossus at Thorpe Park or Nemesis at Alton Towers.

There have been attempts to remedy this dilemma.  Most UK theme parks offer a fast track option, allowing customers to skip the queue by paying more.  This ‘first class’ version does not so much solve the queuing problem, as help the patrons willing to pay more.  Additionally, most major UK theme parks now offer apps of varying quality.  The most effective is the Alton Towers app, which not only offers the usual map and discounts, but also has a clock of current queue times for rides.  This of course only dresses up the queues into

Now what if, instead of having the theme park queue times dictate your day, you were able to dictate how you spent that time?  Because while the waiting time is unavoidable, this time doesn’t have to be wasted in the line.  With Preoday’s ‘My  Order App’, customers would be able to book all their rides on their mobile before their day start.  It doesn’t mean that they are ‘jumping’ any queues, it just means that they have a virtual rather than physical spot in the queue, so can spend their wait at leisure strolling the park grounds or having their lunch.  Then when their time slot is ready, they just need to show their confirmation code on their phone and get their seat on the ride.

Thus mobile ordering in theme parks could be the vital solution to having the time of your life, without the cost of spending a lifetime in queues.

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