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How restaurants can capitalise on Black Friday

How restaurants can capitalise on Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are established dates on the calendar of retailers, but Black Friday can also be a useful date for restaurants to generate some buzz and extra customer loyalty.

How restaurants can capitalise on Black Friday

On Black Friday consumers with tired feet will definitely be looking for refreshment, whether that’s at a café, or picking up a takeaway to go home after a long day shopping. Last year, in the US, consumers spent 6.3% more in restaurants on Thanksgiving and Black Friday than they did during those two days in the preceding year. As UK retailers follow the US to try to boost sales, food outlets could also take a leaf out of the book of brands across the pond.

1. Black Friday promotions
Black Friday is all about promotions and discounts and with a little forethought you too can take advantage of those hungry, hungry shoppers, particularly if you have a shopping centre nearby. You could make the promotions timely to encourage shoppers to come to your café or restaurants at non-peak times.

2. Make it exclusive
Use your online or digital menu to put up limited edition items on your digital menu. On our recent Halloween marketing blog we discussed ideas around exclusive menu items and promo codes, and those ideas work equally well for Black Friday.

3. Fit with the shopping schedule
Shoppers start early so make sure you’re open. If you don’t usually open until lunchtime, think about opening before the shops so that shoppers can get a good breakfast, courtesy of you.

4. Inform your regular customers
If you have a digital ordering service, make sure you’re using the tools available to make sure that your usual customers know about the special offers available on this specific day. Use push notifications, newsletters texts or any other communications tool you have at your disposal to let your customer know.

5. Keep shoppers up to date through social
Use social media channels with timely hashtags such as #BlackFriday18 or #BlackFridayDeals that shoppers will have their eye on through the day. Make sure you mention your opening hours so your customers don’t come after hours.

6. Don’t forget good old-fashioned signage
For businesses near shopping centres, or areas near public transport where people are likely to walk by, on the day before, or day of Black Friday, simple signage such as posters, or boards outside cafes or restaurants work well.

7. Introduce a theme
Festivals like Halloween and Christmas are classic occasions for themed offerings, but Black Friday can be an opportunity to get creative with menu items!

8. Get local retailers on your side
Talk to your local shops about complementary coupons and promotions, some quid pro quo never hurts! You could agree to promote their specials, if they do the same for you. Guests could show receipts from partnered retailers to offer a free drink or dessert.

9. Make sure you prepare – and your staff too
This occasion can be a good opportunity to show off your business and create new, loyal customers. Make sure that your staff are with you to provide the best possible experience for every new customer. As with any specials, your staff should be thoroughly trained on the current offers and the different channels that the orders can come in through, including digital ordering.

If you would like more advice on how to market your digital ordering service, have a read of our marketing guide.

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