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Grab your CUPP of tea at speed with Preoday

Grab your CUPP of tea at speed with Preoday

Grab your CUPP of tea at speed with Preoday

Bubble Tea is being made, and served, the right way in Bristol with the help of Preoday.

Popular bubble tea chain, CUPP started trading out of a converted Citroen H van in Bristol in 2012 and has since grown to fill three permanent venues within the city. With its popularity continuing to rise, it has now invested in mobile ordering to minimise queues and maximise the customer experience.

The origins of Bubble Tea can be found in Taiwan in the 1980s, but the drink only became a phenomenon in the UK eight years ago; it is now enjoyed in towns and cities across the country.

Despite its popularity, there are many that haven’t yet tried the ‘drink that you chew’; this often leads to curiosity and lengthy in-store conversations with staff. When combining customer questions with the time it takes to make each cup, queues easily build. By launching its own ordering app, CUPP will speed up the process for regular customers keen to grab a quick drink, while making more time to speak to customers with queries.

Lea Peacock, owner of CUPP, comments: “Bubble tea is something everyone should try; drinking through an oversized straw and chewing tapioca, or popping the bubbles is a unique experience. Part of that experience for new customers is understanding the way the tea is made, but as those new customers become regulars, we need to enhance their time with us in other ways. Preoday’s platform will help our team produce orders, ready for quick collection, and will give us the information we need to market to our consumers in a personal and engaging way.”

Nick Hucker, CEO of Preoday, adds: “Cupp is a modern, exciting business, and one we are delighted is joining the Preoday family. Lee and the team understand that contemporary brands and products need to keep pace with modern technologies and customer demand in order to remain relevant and desirable; Preoday will help them maintain that position as a premium name, at the forefront of the Bristol food and drink scene.”

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