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Preoday launches Driver Tipping functionality

Preoday launches Driver Tipping functionality

Preoday launches Driver Tipping functionality

To support the growing army of delivery drivers worldwide, Preoday has launched a new facility, Driver Tipping, to enable customers to tip their drivers through restaurants’ mobile and online ordering services.

Once the customer has chosen their food and drink, they are able to select the option to choose a tip for the delivery driver at that point. The customer can either choose to pay a set percentage of the bill or an exact monetary amount. The customer then checks out as normal and can pay the full amount, with or without driver tip.

If paid by card through the restaurant’s mobile app or online ordering service, the tip amount appears on the itemised order confirmation and the restaurant can then pay the delivery driver the corresponding amount. Alternatively, the customer can choose to pay for the delivery and tip in cash on receipt of the delivery.

Nick Hucker, CEO of Preoday says, “Around the world, driver tipping practices are very different but the urge to show gratitude for a service through a tip is a common trait. People don’t always have cash on them when they make an order so we wanted to give them the facility to offer the delivery driver a tip when they order their food through our platform. We are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and increase convenience.”

The new driver tipping functionality is intended for businesses offering delivery and available to clients on request. Clients should contact support@preoday.com if they would like to access the feature as part of their mobile app or web ordering service.

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