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Forty-five theatres now rely on Preoday’s technology for digital pre-ordering

Forty-five theatres now rely on Preoday’s technology for digital pre-ordering

Summer 2019 saw the Preoday platform play host to audiences at its 45th theatre. The Aotea Centre in Auckland has joined The National Theatre, the Royal Albert Hall and 42 others, in offering customers the opportunity to pre-order refreshments either online and/or via a mobile app.

Forty-five theatres now rely on Preoday’s technology for digital pre-ordering

Since launch, theatres using Preoday have accessed fresh revenue streams, enhanced customer satisfaction and made use of audience data to improve their marketing and loyalty programmes.

Amongst their collective results is the following:

  • One client brought in revenue, via Preoday, exceeding £100,000 in the past year.
  • A London-based venue saw an average £82 order value since launching its digital ordering service.
  • rhubarb, a catering company serving the Royal Albert Hall observed an average order value increase of almost 60% compared to the previous three months using the old online ordering service.
  • 95% of corporate clients at one theatre, which also hosts events, place their orders through the Preoday platform.
  • Approximately 70% of customers accessing the in-seat delivery service at Cliffs Pavilion, via Preoday, say they wouldn’t be without it.
  • Both app and web interfaces are important channels – one of theatre clients sees 72% of its revenue from the mobile interface and 28% from the web interface.

Nick Hucker, CEO, Preoday, comments: “Events venues such as theatres and stadiums are a perfect showcase for digital ordering. With short windows of opportunity for ordering refreshments, within a traditional set-up, queuing can often take up the whole interval. Long lines often deter people from buying, so the convenience of ordering in advance and picking up or using in-seat delivery helps both improve the experience for patrons and prevent lost sales for events venues. We’re excited about our growing theatre customer base and look forward to even more theatre patrons having the chance to experience digital ordering.”

Neil Brooke is Head of Catering Operations at the National Theatre, which joined Preoday in Summer 2017. He said at the time: “At the National Theatre we are, and the latest generation of theatre-goers are increasingly tech-savvy, organised and time efficient. By introducing this new app we are offering audiences the opportunity to maximise their time and enjoyment in the theatre.”

If you are a theatre and would like to know how pre-ordering facilities can help you improve your audience’s experience, get in touch.

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