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Our top-tips for in-store marketing

Our top-tips for in-store marketing

Welcome to our top tips for in-store marketing. This blog forms part of our ongoing marketing series and these tips will help ensure your app and online ordering launch is as successful as possible.

  1. Make the app and online ordering as visible as possible in your venue – Make sure patrons who arrive early are reminded of the app, or can remember it for next time. This can include posters, business cards at the bar or by the checkout, flyers, as well as adverts on any large screen.
  2. Explain how to use it – Posters, flyers, website pages etc should all contain directions on how to use the service and where it is available – usually the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  3. Create app envy – Everyone loves a VIP experience so make your pre-ordering customers feel cherished by creating a distinct pick-up area, with special signage.
  4. Make the pre-ordering service a feature of your website – Have a dedicated section of the website promoting the online and mobile app. Link to this from the homepage and make it easily located.
  5. Blog about it – Blog posts will boost initial attention for the launch, which can also redirect your customers to the app webpage and can be reposted for later use.
  6. Spread the word – If you are a performance venue, customers place their pre-orders between 12 and 48 hours before a performance or event so this is the best time to remind them! This can be in the form of weekly newsletters, or automated reminders about the performance they are attending.
  7. Make the front pages – Local and trade media can be a good way of letting people know about your new service – you could even invite a journalist to try it out.
  8. Be social – Using your social media platforms will help you promote your new service. This can range from simply posting a link to the app, to getting celebrity endorsement to promoting special offers.
  9. Promote yourself – A promotion is by far the best way to get patrons to download the app first time. This could be: “Get X% off your first order” or “Get X% when you spend £X or more.”
  10. Ensure sure your staff are talking about it – Employees are always your best ambassadors in business and they need to be on hand to explain the service to patrons. Having staff available to demonstrate the app or talk to customers about it will encourage customer use like nothing else.

If you’d like to discuss further ideas, or the specific needs of your business, let us know. We can help find you some inspiration, as well as help you develop necessary materials.

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