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Norwegian music venue, Parkbiografen, unveils mobile ordering service

Norwegian music venue, Parkbiografen, unveils mobile ordering service

Attendees at Teknologidagen i Grenland at Norwegian music hall, Parkbiografen, were the first to benefit from the historic venue’s new mobile ordering service, powered by Preoday. The Parkbiografen app is the first of its kind to be available at a Norwegian events venue.

Visitors to the venue in Skein can use the app to order in-event refreshments, placing orders during the show and receiving notifications when their drinks are ready for collection. The mobile ordering service will save audiences vital time that they might otherwise spend in queues, away from a performance.

Parkbiografen (translates as Park Cinema) is a traditional concert hall seating up to 600 people. Used as a space for rhythmic music and performing arts since the early 1990’s, the building originally housed the city’s first cinema. After a refurbishment, in 2011 it reopened its doors as a music venue and has since welcomed 100,000 people to its auditorium.

The building also hosts corporate events, Teknologidagen i Grenland, a conference exploring the future of technology in business, is one of these.  

Following a successful launch of the mobile ordering service, the team at Parkbiografen will have the opportunity to extend the service. Additional services might include pre-show ordering, table delivery or the creation of an exclusive pre-ordering area for members.

Linn Veronica Thomassen, General Manager at Parkbiografen, says: “When a person spends their hard-earned money on seeing their favourite performers live, they do not want to waste a single second away from the show and their friends. Some will even choose to go thirsty rather than queue. We expect the new Parkbiografen service to result in higher order numbers and happy customers as people realise they can collect drinks without missing the key moments of a performance.”

Andrew White, CEO of Preoday, comments: “We are thrilled that Preoday’s in-venue ordering platform, in conjunction with Ticketmaster, is to be the first of its kind in Norway. No-one else has yet taken such a step to enhance the experience of their guests, yet as the success of this service becomes clear, we expect others to embrace the technology quickly. Why? Because mobile ordering is so perfectly suited to concert spaces. A key bugbear of any music fan is waiting in line, now they don’t have to. When venues like Parkbiografen go the extra mile to enhance the customer experience they create loyal fans, keen to return and make the most of their hospitality services again and again.”

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