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Five New Year resolutions for food service businesses

Five New Year resolutions for food service businesses

Every year, we as individuals, look inward and make resolutions to improve ourselves and our lives. But who's to say that such declarations should be made use of by individuals alone?

Five New Year resolutions for food service businesses

Below are five resolutions we think every food, drink and retail business should undertake in 2020.

I will pay even more attention to the individual needs of my customers

As the consumer desire for personalisation from the brands they love increases, it’s becoming even more important to pay attention to “what customers want”. By concentrating on their needs, either individually or via audience segmentation, businesses retain that affection and have the chance to turn their loyal customers into vocal brand ambassadors.

If I make investments, they will be ones that protect my business now and in the future

There are a lot of technologies, services and equipment vendors telling businesses, like yours, that theirs is the product you need to invest in during 2020. If you have the capital to invest, do so, but plan ahead and consider the ongoing benefits. Will the product boost your revenue/output in the long-term? What ongoing benefits does it bring?

I will review my operations to optimise the customer journey

Unless your food offering is based around long, leisurely lunches and dinners, speed is of the essence in food service. Likewise, holding an annual review of the customer experience and business operations is good practice. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and walk yourself through their journey with you. You might find nothing, or only identify tiny things, such as the use of clearer POS signage. Conversely, you might realise there are more significant elements begging to be improved. Whatever the outcome, a review is an important task to undertake in 2020.

I will review my operations to optimise employee time and effort

While reviewing the customer journey and front-end operations, look also at the back end of the business. How can employee time be optimised? Where are minutes being wasted and what can be done to streamline your approach?

I will embrace customer and business data, using it to encourage loyalty and make better business decisions

This is something almost every business could benefit from and is the most important resolution of all. In fact, through data, the management of all other resolutions becomes far easier.

As an industry, we collect so much data. Whether it’s from the software we use, or our social media platforms. Data is there for the taking and for the using. In 2020 we would encourage every business, no matter how large or small, to farm that data. Look at ways of gathering it, analysing it and putting it to good use. It could provide the key to a successful year.

What are your New Year resolutions? Drop us a comment on our social media pages and let us know!

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