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5 reasons your restaurant should offer takeaway

5 reasons your restaurant should offer takeaway

5 reasons your restaurant should offer takeaway

Nowadays there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t offer takeaway and deliver your gourmet food straight to your customer’s door, whilst maintaining the quality you’re renowned for. So here’s five reasons why adding a takeaway service to your high-end restaurant may not be as difficult as you think.

1. Packaging innovations 

Food packaging is now so advanced that your food can be delivered as fresh as if it had just come out of the kitchen.  Moreover, the package designs are so ingenious that no points are lost on presentation either!

2. Maintain your reputation and offer takeaway

The world of takeaway is a vast one, and it’s very easy to get your name diluted by being part of a takeaway portal. With Preoday you can manage and brand your app entirely yourself, as well as keep in direct contact with your customers, this means that your reputation and your customer relationship are both enhanced by being part of the online ordering world.

3. The market is ready!

High-end restaurant chains such as Firezza and Wagamama have already boarded the order app train, not to mention independent restaurants such as Big Easy bringing their Americana atmosphere to customers’ homes. Moreover, there are already great services by Cook offering restaurant-quality ready-made meals.  So customers are certainly receptive to having the gourmet dinners served directly to their homes.

4. The British love takeaway

The takeaway industry in the UK is worth a staggering £30 billion a year, and online delivery is its fastest growing sector.  82% of the British population order takeaway regularly, so the answer isn’t so much “should we offer in-house dining or takeaway?” but more “why not both?”

5. Get closer to your customers

There’s nothing better than seeing a satisfied patron, establishing a relationship and exceeding their expectations.  With your own app on Preoday, you can take this to the next level.  With customer analytics, you can see what your customers order, as well as how often, when, and how much they order.  Moreover with push notifications and bespoke marketing kit, you can give them the exact offers they would be looking for.

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