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The important of apps for parents

The important of apps for parents

The important of apps for parents

It’s funny how days out with young children can easily turn into such a stressful experience.  As soon as everyone gets to the designated weekend destination each family member has different objectives.  The youngest needs to go the toilet, the middle-child is starving, and the eldest is already bored.  Such scenarios demand nothing less than Herculean multitasking.

The app world is slowly helping these kind of parents.  There has been a new app recently introduced in the UK called Life360, which helps track the locations of family members on a live map, so you can’t lose them.  Similarly the NHS app allows parents to quickly check for symptoms if the child is feeling poorly.  Unfortunately these apps are few and far between, and above all they do not solve this multitasking dilemma so much as refine it. Life360 still doesn’t mean the youngest can go to the toilet unaccompanied, and the NHS app won’t solve the eldest’s ennui.

Nor will Preoday, but it will be able to do something for the middle-sibling.  Now that parents can order and pay for food and drink on the phone, they no longer have to split up the group so that some have to queue up while the others have to save the table or seats.  The live menu is all on the smartphone meaning no runners needed to report from the queue what kind of J20s are available or that the café’s run out of ham sandwiches.  Moreover all the payments are online, so you will never have that sudden sweat of terror at the front of the queue when you realise that you don’t have enough change.

So though Preoday may not make these family days out any more enjoyable, at least it’ll make them more manageable.

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