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Golf courses with digital ordering? They’re the best by par!

Golf courses with digital ordering? They’re the best by par!

As golf courses re-open to consumers, we look at the digital ordering can make the ultimate relaxation sport, even better.

Golf courses with digital ordering? They’re the best by par!

Every now and then, when you’re writing a piece of content, the subject happily lends itself to the insertion of fun and witty puns. The topic of playing golf is one such subject, however, I will endeavour to refrain fore the sake of readers!

There are many reasons people play golf. It’s a social activity, and one where the player can challenge themselves without the pressures of time. Some would even argue that it provides a chance to be introspective while building character. Beyond this, playing golf is a well-known stress-buster. The fresh air and panoramic countryside views help to release endorphins; participants feel happy, relaxed and stress-free. At least, that’s the goal.

Another key association for consumers when they think about a day on a golf course, is the opportunity to unwind at the clubhouse afterwards. Chilling with a club sandwich and a refreshing drink. The only problem with this is the need to wait until the game is over and the equipment has been carried back before refreshments can be enjoyed.

What might golf clubs do to further this aspect of their sport, and enhance revenue?

How about bringing the refreshment to the competitors as they move around the course? It’s a nice idea in theory, but rather difficult to manage given that golfers are constantly on the move and there’s no way to know how fast they will complete a hole.

A very simple solution is the use of mobile ordering, whereby the customer orders and pays via their mobile, requesting delivery of their refreshments to a designated place at a preferred time. The orders can be delivered in a buggy and the onus of responsibility is then on the golfer to be at the chosen point in order to collect. But how might something like this be marketed? Aside from the obvious emails within newsletters and social media posts, operators can place QR codes at each Tee. The codes would serve as a reminder of the service while helping users to access menus and place orders with greater ease.

To further elevate this service, clubs could integrate digital ordering with a GPS customer tracking solution. With customer tracking in place, there would be no need for the golfer to travel to a certain place, by a certain time; the refreshments can be brought to them, wherever they are. Customer tracking equally avoids the problem of food being under par when a golfer arrives at the collection point late having suffered a double bogey; poor quality food is unlikely to encourage customers to use the service repeatedly.

Even better, customer tracking can be used to make-ready a golfer’s refreshments for the moment they walk through the clubhouse door after a satisfying day walking the course. If the customer places an order through the clubhouse’s online ordering portal or app once they finish the 18th hole, the software will alert the kitchen as they approach. This means, when the customer walks through the door, their drink and snack/meal are ready to serve immediately.

As a cherry on top of their premiere service, clubhouse restaurants can use digital ordering to offer an order and pay-at-table service. With this the customer can eat, drink, order and pay at their own leisure, all without the need of a waiter to take orders or arrange the bill.

Of course, mobile ordering doesn’t just need to be used for food and drink. If a club wants to promote the sale of its own merchandise, branded bags, shirts or equipment, these can also be sold through the digital ordering platform. The golfer’s purchases can be paid for, packed up and ready to be collected as the player leaves the club.

Golf is the ultimate relaxation sport. It’s the role of clubs to provide their members with the most enjoyable and stress-free experience possible. Mobile ordering is the ideal tool to help them achieve this. Now, while courses are quiet and clubs find themselves with some unexpected planning time, is the perfect moment to strike while the iron is hot and make their course un-fore-gettable, in every way.

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