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Do you know how to win at Valentine’s Day?

Do you know how to win at Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day! Romance is in the air. An evening with the king or queen of your heart, flowers, a candlelit dinner…

What’s not to love?

A big part of our lives is spent at work, on domestic tasks or any of the other duties in life. But to get to spend an entire evening dedicated to the one you love is a luxury all too rare.

Sometime I wish every night could be Valentine’s Day. Love is, after all, the greatest thing, the thing that gets us up in the morning, the thing we live and breathe. Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate all that, to take time for one another.

But, alas, it doesn’t happen all by itself and there is a fair bit of planning that goes into that one perfect Valentine’s Day that hopefully will be a memory that lasts you till next year’s special day. And when do you get time to do that planning – the endless calls to find a free table on this busy night, the standing in line at the florists and then waiting some more to get the bouquet in order – between work, driving the kids to basketball practice and doing the washing up?

The last time I went to the flower shop, the one that the special someone in my life really, really loves, I was in a hurry as usual and the shop was crowded. When I finally got served the binding of the flowers took forever, or at least so it seemed at the time. I got home late, as you might expect, but at least the flowers were greatly appreciated.

And that was just on a normal Tuesday – not on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is the day to take time for one another, as I said. But it is not the day to take a lot of time doing all those practical things. But they are necessary. Or are they?

Think about how nice it would be if it was all arranged – and paid for – from your phone.

Think about this scenario. You are on the bus home from work, late as usual. You pick up your phone and open an app where you can pick and choose the flowers that your darling really loves for that dream bouquet. When you’re done, you pay for it in the same app.

Next step: the restaurant. And it is the same procedure. You open the app and book a table – and maybe you feel ready to order the food as well. No problem, now that as well is booked and paid for. And you could do this weeks in advance.

When the day comes around you just walk into the flower shop where the bouquet is made and ready for picking up. Then you just go home to pick up your loved one.

This sort of convenience is what consumers love and, what Preoday can help businesses of all kinds give their customers. With its white label technology, it is easily adapted to any brand or type of business. Ready to serve the needs of business owners and their customers.


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