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Why online ordering?

Why online ordering?

Why online ordering?

Mobile ordering is obviously the future. You only need to read a few of our blogs to see that. But it’s not the only future, we believe web ordering will be just as important as mobile ordering for consumers. As part of this belief our vision is to let venues offer commission-free orders across all devices. This is why we’ve created the ‘Web Order’ feature.

‘Web Order’ gives venues the opportunity to market their branded webpage from which customers can order and pay online – whether that means pre-ordering interval drinks or arranging a takeaway. The portal melds perfectly with your existing website and visitors will not even realise they are no longer on your core website.

This online ordering webpage is identical to the app version, which means that venues have total control to update and brand it in real-time. Likewise all changes made to the app are automatically synced with the web version. It is equally as attractive and user friendly, no matter the platform.

Moreover, like the app, the web-ordering feature is flexible depending on the venue’s unique requirements and needs. For a local takeaway, for example, it can be an affordable form of their own website, which they have unique control of. Or for the stadium, theatre or corporate event space it can be an effective addition to their existing website.

This is why we are offering  ‘Web Order Plus’ as part of the plus package, which lets the venue put their Web Order page under an existing domain name. We even offer bespoke services if a venue wants to embed the web-ordering page in their existing web platform.

Web Orders and Web Orders Plus are now available in the basic package (£29 per month) and plus package (£39 per month) consecutively.

There is a Free Trial for the first 2 weeks.

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