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Preoday brings out new digital stamp card to enhance pre-ordering service

Preoday brings out new digital stamp card to enhance pre-ordering service

Preoday’s new digital stamp card gives clients a straightforward way to encourage loyalty among customers, which integrates seamlessly with the existing platform. Read more about our latest product update.

Preoday brings out new digital stamp card to enhance pre-ordering service

Through this new product, customers will be able to purchase a set number of items until they get a reward in the form of a free item or discount off the next purchase.

For the customer, the new stamp card is simple to use: they can collect stamps as they make purchases and then either redeem the reward (either a free item or a discount) through the mobile app, web interface or in store. In store, staff are able to redeem a reward and add loyalty stamps on the order screen.

Our client Tim Whitehouse from Fishionados, who has been testing the new functionality, says, “The new stamp card enables us to reward our loyal customers in a straightforward way that links up to our overall digital ordering service. It is easy for us to set up and we can choose different promotions to reward our customers with.”

Nick Hucker, CEO of Preoday comments, “Offering our clients digital stamp cards is a logical next step in terms of helping them provide a more compelling experience to customers and thereby increasing customer loyalty. Now, in addition to the loyalty partnerships we have available to clients, we can offer a simple loyalty functionality that rewards users for regular custom. Crucially, the data from the stamp cards also feeds into the overall customer data gathered by the platform.”

To find out more about how you can use digital stamp cards to complement your digital ordering service, get in touch with the customer success team on customersuccess@preoday.com.

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