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New ebook: We’re not psychologists, but we know why psychology matters

New ebook: We’re not psychologists, but we know why psychology matters

New ebook: We’re not psychologists, but we know why psychology matters

Our next e-guide is out and the topic is how to use behavioural economics and psychology to achieve business success.

Given our role as a technology platform provider, you might not expect us to cover subjects like these, and yet, we are. In this digital age, they are increasingly important topics; they are used to understand why people respond the way they do and their application can predict the popularity of a product or sway consumer perceptions.

Every company we work with, whether it’s a restaurant, a theatre, a sport stadium or a corporate catering company, needs to employ the techniques of behavioural economics to understand its customers. This is especially true when developing and marketing new offerings.

Why? Because today, consumers have access to many more options than they used to. Going hand-in-hand with this is an expectation that they are given increased control over the products and services on offer.

It’s no wonder that most business leaders have nightmares trying to work out and predict their customers’ behaviour. If they could apply the rules of psychology successfully, and with ease, every time, they could manipulate sales and drive revenues upwards. For example, behind every winning menu lies behavioural economics: the science of applying psychological insights into human behaviour to explain or influence economic decision-making, which is used liberally to influence the food and drink that diners purchase.

In our latest guide, we aren’t looking to prepare you for a degree in psychology, but we do hope to inspire you with techniques and theories that can be applied in your business marketing and strategy.

To download the guide for free, click here now.

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