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Aviva’s RapidQ app proves a winner at the Six Nations 2018

Aviva’s RapidQ app proves a winner at the Six Nations 2018

Aviva’s RapidQ app proves a winner at the Six Nations 2018

Data from Preoday and Aviva Stadium reveals a revenue hike of 57.2% and a 34.6% increase in the number of refreshment orders placed through Aviva Stadium’s RapidQ app during the Six Nations in 2018, compared to 2017. In line with this, the number of customers placing orders rose by 23.7%, while the average order value increased 20.1%.

Customers use RapidQ to order pre-game and half-time refreshments, meaning no queues, no fumbling for change, and more time to relax in between halves.

In 2017, customers placed an average of 1.68 orders, a figure which increased by 8.3% to 1.82 in 2018. In total, 772 transactions were processed through RapidQ by fans attending the Aviva Stadium for one of the three Six Nations games held there between 10 February and 10 March this year.

The final of the three games saw Ireland crowned Six Nations champions and set up with the opportunity to take a shot at the grand slam in England. The third match played at the stadium during this year’s tournament, Ireland v France, proved the most popular for Rapid Q; 299 orders were placed on 10th March compared to 190 on 10th February (Ireland v Italy). Additionally, the average order value at that match was 8.6% higher than the average order value, from all games, since the service launched.

Across the Six Nations’ games, the most popular drink order – unsurprisingly – was for Guinness. The second best-selling beverage was Carlsberg.

Sport fans are quickly catching on to the benefits of pre-ordering refreshments; the 2018 Six Nations series garnered more RapidQ orders than any other multi-game tournament played at the stadium. Fans simply needed to choose which event they were attending; where they were sitting (so they could pick-up at the nearest bar); what they’d like to order, and then pay for it. After registering an account, the entire ordering process can be completed in just six clicks.

Nick Hucker, CEO of Preoday, comments: “The ease and convenience of digital ordering is causing it to be adopted across the food, drink and hospitality industry; it is not a technology dedicated purely to restaurants and coffee shops any more. The Six Nations is a beloved tournament within the international Rugby calendar and with thousands of people heading to stadium to enjoy the games in a live arena, traditional queues for refreshments are bound to be long. It should be no surprise then that, given an opportunity to avoid long waits, fans would be keen make the most of it. This data shows that increasingly, they are.”

Martina Flood, Head of Catering Operations, Aviva Stadium, adds: “At the Aviva Stadium, we are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our visiting fans. Whether it’s watching an amazing game of Rugby or enjoying a concert, food and drink has a vital role to play in their enjoyment of the event. No-one wants to spend needless time queueing and potentially missing the on-pitch action, with RapidQ, they don’t have to.”

To talk to Preoday about how digital ordering could make a difference at your stadium, arena or events venue – get in touch today.

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