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Sliding doors and fantasy hospital food

Sliding doors and fantasy hospital food

For those working at, or spending time in hospital, it can be hectic and stressful to get hospital food at a time that suits them. Ralph Bretzer looks at how the situation would be different if it were possible to order food on an app and collect it when it’s convenient.  

The worst has happened.

Well, maybe not the worst, but bad enough.

You have ended up in the hospital. Well, that experience is what it is. The hospital green and the scrubs might be oddly calming but the grub sure isn’t.

As a patient, somebody comes by your bed with a few hospital food choices, sometimes at the most inconvenient times, maybe in the middle of the doctor giving you a vital piece of news, and dinner then is served in bed. Although dinner in bed might not seem like such a bad idea when you’re sick or hurt, the choice of food isn’t really that exciting. Fish fingers, anyone?

And the hospital staff – from the doctors and nurses, right down to the guy pushing the beds around and the lady who keeps the plants watered – don’t have it that much better. Their breaks are short and the hospital is a huge place to run around, trying to find something to eat.

For the patient the hours can get long waiting for test results, that vital operation or just for the treatment to take effect. Equally for the staff, hours are long with a heavy work load and emotionally draining tasks. They all deserve something better when it comes to food and beverages during their stay, or working time, at the hospital.

Think about what it could be like.


The worst has happened.

Well, maybe not the worst, but bad enough.

You have ended up in the hospital. And worse – you’re hungry. But one of those scrubs-clad young men and women kindly point you toward your smartphone. Oh, yes! The app.

In the app there is an assortment of hot and cold drinks, dishes and snacks that can be pre-ordered and pre-paid; ready to be picked up at a number of pick up spots throughout the entire hospital at your convenience and at the time you want – and can – pick it up.

The same goes for the staff. A modern hospital has thousands and thousands of people working for it. People who all have to eat their hospital food during their often long shifts. For them, also, the app would be a blessing. No more running across the entire complex maze of a building, or buildings, that is the hospital trying to find something to eat within the short timeframe of the break.

And this is something that we’re starting to help with. Soon, staff and patients in hospitals across the country will be able to access the food they want, when they want it. This is why Preoday is here: we provide mobile and online technology that helps ease staff and patient inconvenience, reduces unneeded waste, and brings a better day for all.

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