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When speed is of essence, Preoday is the right partner for you

When speed is of essence, Preoday is the right partner for you

Here’s us, Preoday, telling you what we can do for you when speed is of the essence

When speed is of essence, Preoday is the right partner for you

It’s rare that we write an article overtly promoting the benefits of Preoday. Our blog is here to share our news, views and industry expertise. However, we’ve recently found businesses that are pushed for time, and for whatever reason, need to find a way to drive revenue and business now, not next month or next year, now.

It’s perhaps a sign of a tough trading market, or simply an indication that food businesses understand the value that digital ordering (whether online or mobile, click and collect or delivery) can bring and want to tap into this asap.

So here’s us, Preoday, telling you what we can do for you when speed is of the essence:

If your business wants to find fresh revenue streams and drive up the average customer spend, then web ordering and mobile ordering is the ideal way to target audiences. Who doesn’t love the convenience of a click and collect or delivery service?

While building and submitting a new, branded mobile app to Google and the App Store can take a couple of weeks, we can have web ordering up and running for you in a matter of days. You can then launch the mobile app (comes as part of the Preoday package) a couple of weeks later, or choose to have web ordering as a stand alone, the choice is yours.

More and more, customers have reasons why they want to take away and not eat in. Busy lifestyles mean time is limited for modern consumers and sometimes, sitting inside a restaurant isn’t an option. Each year during the winter months, the weather and sickness can prevent people from going out for a meal; if there’s the option to take away rather than sit and wait, it is a welcome one.

In short, digital ordering shows customers that you’re willing to listen to their changing needs and present them with options. You’re showing that you want their custom, in whichever way they are able to give it.

Moreover, Preoday’s platform allows you to reach customers whenever and wherever they are. Our inbuilt marketing mechanisms, including push notifications, promotions and loyalty, data collection and analysis and menu modifiers can all be used to hone marketing campaigns, get to know customers better and reach out to them with deals that suit their buying habits.

When time and money are of no issue (is that ever not an issue in the food industry?!) then it might be worth investing in a technology developer to build you an ordering system from scratch. But, when speed is of the essence, Preoday can help you meet your digital ordering goals at speed.

If you’re interested in a demo of the Preoday platform, contact us now.

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