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Theatres and Performing Arts Venues

Ease the interval rush and deliver the best possible service for your guests, before, during and after performances

Increased transaction values

The data on how our platforms perform in the real world shows that online transactions have a consistently higher value than their manual counterparts. In short, customers spend more online than they do in person. We believe this is a result of both convenience and the opportunities our platforms allow for cross-selling and upselling.

No more interval rush

24 hours a day and bar staff can see a live update of all the orders that need fulfilling and prepare them during the show. Customers simply pick up their order from a designated collection point during the interval or before the show.

Priceless marketing data

With your own mobile app and online ordering platform, interval and pre-performance drinks can be pre-ordered and paid for days in advance. Customers can place orders Switching to digital transactions allows you to capture a wealth of customer data which can be accessed through our online analytics platform. See who your customers are, view their spending habits and access tools for targeted, direct marketing.