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27th January 2021

When is a drive-thru not a drive-thru? When it’s a kerbside collection

It’s not as catchy as: ‘When is a door not a door?’ (answer, when it’s a jar) but it speaks to the idea that in-car collection, and the technologies that support it, are flexible enough to bend to the needs of a business and its guests. 

14th September 2020

Why online ordering doesn’t have to cost you your profits

Since lock-down, demand for online ordering has sky-rocketed.  And it’s no wonder if you look at some of the remarkable successes operators have had with it over the past few months:     

24th August 2020

Theme Parks and Resorts can make the most of the Staycation spike with smarter, safer ordering

With a surge in ‘staycationing’ this year thanks to the pandemic snuffing out many families’ plans to holiday abroad, we take a look at how theme parks and resorts can make the most of this spike in domestic travel. 

11th August 2020

Digital ordering will make a big splash in the travel and tourism industry

The tourism industry has suffered as much as hospitality and food during the COVID-19 pandemic and could take even longer to recover. Businesses need to find ways of boosting revenue streams. 

13th July 2020

Shake Shack partners with QikServe to offer branded pre-order and pay solution

Just in time for another heatwave - customers can now pre-order their concretes from Shake Shack

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