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Why are food chains struggling?

Food and drink 
chain struggles in 2018

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0% of food and drink service professionals say Brexit is ‘more of an excuse than a reason’ for chain struggles.

0% of professionals say the biggest problem facing the wider industry is that there’s too much competition.

Asked about their own businesses, the most concerning factors raised for the coming year included the cost of labour (58%), too much competition (56%) and consumer confidence (35%).

Restaurants don’t know
 what consumers want

0% of professionals think consumers are looking for a unique experience Just 0% of consumers said the same thing
Less than half of professionals 0% thought consumers cared about the staff when choosing where to eat But 0% of consumers said they did
Consumers look for a great menu 0% and quality food 0% before a low price 0%

The nation’s favourite chain restaurants

Ordering technology

0% of businesses offer customers online or mobile ordering Of those that offer a digital ordering service, 0% are paying some form of commission - 25% pay more than 20% per order
Despite 0% of consumers relying on aggregators when ordering food, 0% said they’d rather order direct from the restaurant if it meant that their money went straight to the restaurant, not third party
0% of professionals believe third party apps interfere with the direct relationship between a restaurant/bar and its customers Only 0% say that it’s better for a brand to have a third party app than use its own order or delivery app